Class Fees

Classes are invoiced on a half-termly basis in 6-7 week installments

2018/19 Class Costs

  • 20 min class - £3.20
  • 30 min class - £4.20
  • 40 min class - £4.50
  • 50 min class - £4.90
  • 1hr class - £5.10
  • 1hr 15min class - £5.20
  • Squad Classes (Mardi Gras & World Championship) - £3
  • Private Classes - £5, £7.50, £15 per 30 minutes (dependant on number of students)
  • £10 one off School Enrolment Fee to cover insurance, student account licencing and admin fees


Unlimited Class Discount
£36 a week for access to 12 genres a week (excluding Private & Squad Classes)

Multiple Class Discount
10% off when 5 or more classes taken in a week (excluding Private & Squad Classes)

Family Discount
10% off when 5 or more classes taken by a family (siblings, parents, daughter/sons) in a week (excluding Private & Squad Classes)

Adult Class Discount
10% off when 4 or more classes are enrolled in a week

Invoice Terms

    • Invoices are distributed within the first week of every half term
    • Invoices are due within a fortnight of receiving
    • Payment can be made by BACS or cash in a named envelope
    • Our late payment policy states that the following charges will apply if received after the deadline:
      One week late - £5
      In excess of one week late - £10
    • A terms notice must be given when stopping a class, and no refunds can be made
    • Classes cancelled due to extreme unforseen circumstances out of SAA's control will be non-refundabl
    • Students will not be able to enrol at SAA if class fees are unsettled by the following term
    • If there are any issues in meeting payment deadlines we are happy to discuss payment plans as long as communication is made prior to the deadline

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